Tobias O'Donnel is an IT expert and consultant.

He is the associate Vice President of Technicore, a fast rising it and consultancy company in Nottingham.

Tobias is skilled in the use of the Java, FORTRAN, HTML, and C ++ coding and programming languages.

Before his current appointment at Technicore, Tobias was an analyst and software developer with a next Gen company operating in London.

Tobias is also the administrator of an online forum. He developed the forum in a bid to engage and connect with software programmers and tech heads from all around the world.

The online forum has birthed several physical conventions and conferences. The last conference hosted by the platform featured appearances by tech bigwigs like Packowski, top associates from Google, and Apple, and Steve Jobs himself.


Tobias is a well recognized enthusiast for tech and digital experimentations. He has won several awards and accolades in this respect.

He was awarded the Edward White Award for Excellence in 2016. He was also named in Times Magazine's list of 100 young men that will determine the future of technology in the United Kingdom.

Other than the online forum, Tobias is also the coordinator of a cross national group for children between the ages of twelve and sixteen who are interested in making a career out of the technological field.

Tobias is an ardent fan of football and this is evidenced by the number of times he has been photographed in an Arsenal FC jersey.

He lives in the United Kingdom with his wife and kid.